Sports Podiatry

Do You Need To See A Sports Podiatry Specialist?

Sports podiatry plays a very important role in protecting and strengthening a person’s lower limbs. It can often have a stigma attached to it, that one needs to be an athlete or a sportsperson to require a sports podiatrist; however, that’s far from the truth. Jakupi Podiatry is here to set the record straight.

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What Can A Sports Podiatrist Help You With?

A sports podiatrist is highly skilled and is a podiatrist who has an interest in sports, having completed further training to enable them to treat conditions and soft tissue injuries associated with sporting injuries.

The goals between a sports podiatrist and a regular podiatrist remain the same – to keep you and your feet mobile; however, a sports podiatrist will have more skills available to treat sporting injuries and assess lower limb biomechanics and lower limb injuries.

If a patient is having trouble with the following, they may need to begin looking into a sports podiatrist:

  • Sports and pain-related issues 
  • Foot, ankle, leg pain
  • Flat feet
  • Orthotics
  • Sports injuries
  • Ankle sprains and rehab
  • Walking and running assessments
  • Running technique changes
  • Stress fractures
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Heel/arch pain
  • Forefoot pain
  • Arthritis
  • Knee/hip pain

Telltale Signs That You Need To Visit A Sports Podiatrist

There are several main reasons that someone will look for a sports podiatrist. If someone is experiencing the following sensations, it may be a sign they need to look into visiting a sports podiatrist.

  • Tired, aching feet and legs
    Fatigue of the feet and legs commonly presented in tradies, retailers and people who spend long periods on their feet is often related to poor footwear and can be associated with a high arch or low arch foot posture.

    When aching begins happening, it’s a good idea to book an appointment to get to the bottom of the aching feeling.
  • Bone deformities, including bunions and hammertoes 
    Bone deformities are generally due to a mechanical dysfunction causing a gradual shift in the bone alignment and a protruding bone prominence. Osteoarthritic change at the joint or surrounding joints may also occur.
  • Heel pain
    In adults, this can be related to overload and inflammation of the plantar fascia, the fat pad surrounding the heel, and/or a heel spur. In children aged 8-14, heel pain is likely a common overuse injury where a portion of the heels become inflamed.

    A plantar fascia tear and a growth plate fracture can go undiagnosed, so make sure you seek professional advice promptly, particularly when there is an inability to bear weight on the foot.
  • Experiencing ankle ligament sprains
    This is very common in those that participate in running sports. It involves a sprain to the ligaments of an ankle joint. Proper rehabilitation and support are required to protect these structures and prevent further injury in the future.
  • If balance needs to be strengthened
    Visiting a sports podiatrist can help improve one’s balance, and they can analyse whether or not you’re functioning to your best ability.
  • If there is suspected shin splints present
    Shin splints are an overuse injury of muscles, tendon and bone tissue along the shin bone (tibia). It’s often seen in running sports and track & field athletes. It’s important to visit a sports podiatrist if this is suspected.
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Why Choose Jakupi Podiatry?

Choosing Jakupi for your sports podiatry needs is an easy choice to make. Jakupi Podiatry emphasises providing the very best care utilising all knowledge with modern techniques that are patient-centred.

Liridon Jakupi is a local graduate who completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Podiatric Practice at La Trobe University in 2014. He takes pride in the work conducted at Jakupi Podiatry, and in his four years of training, Liridon has worked in various hospitals and community health settings in the Eastern health region of Melbourne.

He has 7+ years of clinical working experience with patients of all ages, ranging from young children with a need for specialist care like orthotics through to the elderly requiring professional care.

Through this, he has expanded his clinical skills in high-risk foot care, wound care, general skin, nail care and diabetic patients.

Liridon enjoys all aspects of podiatry, specifically clinical sports podiatry, injury rehabilitation and management, orthotic prescription, paediatrics and surgery.

On the topic of sports podiatry, Liridon has worked closely with various soccer teams, including National Premier League Soccer team Dandenong Thunder and has developed further experience treating and preventing lower limb injuries.

When You Need A Sports Podiatrist, Contact Jakupi Podiatry

We’re the experts in all things podiatry, offering patients an extensive range of quality medical services, including paediatrics, custom orthotics, general podiatric skin and nail care, nail surgery, stretching & strengthening, sports podiatry and diabetes foot assessments. So if you’re after friendly and efficient services regarding all your foot and ankle care needs, look no further than Jakupi Podiatry, Victoria.