Children’s Podiatry

A Few Things You Should Know About Children’s Podiatry

Every parent wants to do right for their children and provide every opportunity for healthy, happy development, and every child should be able to enjoy running and playing without pain or discomfort in their feet, ankles, and legs. Children’s podiatry specialists are here to help kids of all ages maintain healthy feet, which aids overall healthy development. The team at Jakupi Podiatry are experts in handling a wide range of children’s foot, ankle, and knee conditions, and we’re here to help your kids get a running start to life. If you’re considering bringing your kids in for a children’s podiatry consultation, here are a few things you should know beforehand.


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Why Should You Take Your Child To A Children’s Podiatrist?

Routine visits to the GP and the dentist have always been common practice. However, in recent years, parents are seeing the benefit of taking their children to a range of health professionals such as chiropractors, psychologists, and podiatrists to ensure they have the best chance at healthy development. So if you’re wondering whether or not to book a visit with a children’s podiatrist, here are a few reasons that might sway your mind.

  • Foot and lower leg pain. Several conditions may be causing foot, ankle, or knee pain, such as spelt Sever’s disease, Osgood-Schlatters disease, and growing pains. The podiatry team at Jakupi Podiatry can find the right course of treatment and pain management for your child.
  • Sporting injuries. It’s a fact of life that kids hurt themselves, and sporting injuries are amongst the most common reasons for children’s podiatry visits.
  • Skin conditions. A children’s podiatrist can take a look at warts, calluses, and corns. If it’s something the team at Jakupi Podiatry can’t treat, we have an extensive network of medical professionals we’re happy to refer you to.
  • Nail conditions. A podiatrist can help with ingrown toenails, toenail infections, and odd-shaped toenails.
  • Balance or motor skill concerns. If you’re worried about your child’s motor development, bring them in to see a children’s podiatrist to make sure their feet, ankles, and knees are healthy.
  • Foot appearance. Some children have very high or low arches, feet that turn inward or outward, or in-toeing gait (pigeon-toed). These issues may affect their development and cause pain in their feet, ankles, knees, or lower back.
  • Buying the correct shoes. If you want to set your child up for a life with healthy feet, ankles, knees, and lower back, you need to get them shoes that support their growth. The podiatry team at Jakupi Podiatry will help you find the right shoes to support your child as they walk, run, and move.

How To Prepare Your Child For A Visit To The Podiatrist

You can do a few things to prepare your kids before any appointment with a medical professional.

  • Give them enough of a heads up. It’s normal for kids to be nervous before any appointment with a medical professional, but it will only make them more anxious if you spring the appointment on them without any warning. Give your kids a day or two’s notice, so they have time to ask you questions.
  • Explain who they are going to see. Little kids aren’t going to know what a podiatrist is and what they do, and there’s a good chance older children won’t know either. So it can help to explain why they are visiting and how the podiatrist can help.
  • Tell them to write down their questions. If your kids have any questions for their podiatrist, tell them to write them down so they can ask during their appointment. At Jakupi Podiatry, we pride ourselves on creating a safe, friendly environment, and we’re more than happy to answer any questions your kids may have to alleviate their nerves or just satisfy curiosity.
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How To Make Sure Your Child Develops Healthy Feet, Heels, And Ankles

There are plenty of things you as a parent can do to make sure your children’s feet are developing properly.

  • Consult with the children’s podiatrist on what healthy feet look like. Your podiatrist will be able to tell you what to look for in healthy, well-developing feet. If you notice something abnormal, you’ll feel more confident bringing it up with your child’s podiatrist and pediatrician.
  • Don’t put little booties on your baby’s feet. Although they look adorable, shoes and booties aren’t necessary for infants. They only serve to restrict movement and inhibit healthy growth. Additionally, provide your baby with a chance to exercise their feet by leaving them uncovered to kick and perform other related motions that prepare the feet for weight-bearing.
  • Prevent injuries wherever you can. If possible, try to have your children wear shoes outdoors to prevent splinters, cuts, and severe injuries. Wearing shoes outside also prevents plantar warts from developing, as the virus that causes the condition cannot enter through cuts or breaks in the skin.
  • Keep your kids’ feet clean and dry. You can prevent bacterial and fungal infections like Athlete’s foot by making sure your kids clean and dry their feet thoroughly.
  • Make sure your kids have the right shoes. The wrong shoes can inhibit healthy development, causing foot, ankle, leg, and lower back pain. If you’re not sure which shoes to buy, make sure to consult with your child’s podiatrist.
  • Cut your kids toenails straight across. To prevent ingrown toenails, make sure you don’t cut the nail at an angle.
    Make regular podiatry appointments. Consult with Jakupi Podiatry to find out how often your child should be visiting the podiatrist. Kids with foot, ankle, or knee pain, nail issues, or skin issues may need to visit their podiatrist regularly.

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