Morton’s neuroma

Between each metatarsal bone in our feet we have a nerve. Sometimes, when these nerves pass through the metatarsal bones between the ball of the foot, it can get pinched or damaged by a shearing force that occurs during pronation. This can happen most often between the second and third toes, or third and fourth. 

When this pinching happens, the nerve gets irritated and swollen, and that condition is called Morton’s neuroma. 

As the nerve gets more swollen, the nerve gets more irritated and pain increases. The pain starts very often as only feelings of discomfort, numbness or tingling, and at times as a burning sensation in the toes. 

Most common symptoms: 

In this condition, you will not see any external symptoms, such as lumps or redness on the outside, but most symptoms are feelings of pain or discomfort. 

The most common symptoms usually are: 

● Burning pain in the ball of your foot that can radiate to your toes 

● Tingling or numbness 

● A feeling of relief when removing shoes or rubbing your feet 

● A feeling of discomfort such as stepping and standing on a pebble 

Seeing a podiatrist is very important if the pain or the burning in your feet persists after a few days, or even after changing your footwear. This condition can worsen into more severe pain without any treatment.

Treatment most often involves reducing the forces and tension between the metatarsal heads by controlling the amount of pronation the foot goes through. This is accomplished with the use of an orthotic. Occasionally cortisone injections and surgery is also used.

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