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What are calluses?

Calluses are dead skin build-up around and on your toes, joints, heels and the bottom of your feet.

These dead skin build-ups are normally occurring and produced by your own body to protect the ball of the foot and your heels, which are usually formed in areas of your feet that constantly are exposed to repetitive friction. This causes your body to want to protect the rest of the more sensitive skin underneath, and you end up with calluses.

Why are calluses caused?

We explained how, but why are they caused? Calluses can be caused very often by shoes that will not fit you properly, uneven weight distribution on the way you walk. 

Treatment for Calluses

More often than not, calluses can become really painful and might require care and treatment from a medical professional.

First, the reason why those calluses were formed needs to be settled, if it would be bad shoes, a new shoe collection is recommended. One that will be more fitting for your feet. If the reason would be formed due to a biomechanical imbalance, the treatment and prevention would be to get fitted in custom foot orthotics to redistribute the plantar pressures on your feet.

After the cause is established, the calluses are physically removed from the feet and they can eliminate the pain, and you take care of the appropriate preventative measures.

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